About Us

Chrissie's Owls is a small family run concern and we all have a genuine love of Owls. With the help of our daughter and family plus some very committed volunteers we attend craft and country shows throughout the year to help raise funds for our rescue work.

I have been working with Birds of Prey for over twenty years but admit that Owls are my passion and in 2002 myself and Tom decided to work together and started Chrissie's Owls.

We have a varied collection of Owls most of them hand reared by ourselves although we have kept a few of the many captive bred Owls we have rescued over the years, they are all happy to come out with us and help us promote the conservation of our native species of Owl, we believe that by educating people of all ages about Owls we can make a small contribution to their survival in the wild.

When we started seventeen years ago we were not sure how things would go but we have been very surprised at the interest and support we have received from people. The pleasure our Owls give to young and old alike is amazing, Owls are wonderful creatures and we are totally committed to helping them all we can.