Childrens Activities

children with owlsWe run several activities for children from six years old and upwards, a parent must be present, these include: 

  • Children's Owl Experiences
  • Children's Owl Walks
  • Children's Owl Afternoons

We also do Children's Birthday Parties and we visit sick children at home or in hospital. Please check with your hospital first as some hospitals may not allow the Owls to visit.

For further information on any of these events please contact us.

Gift Vouchers are available for all of our events if you want to give one as a present.


All of our Owls are available for adoption, this helps us to pay for their food and any veterinary treatment they may need.

You will receive an A4 certificate with a picture of your adopted Owl and information about that particular species.

You can also visit your adopted Owl by arrangement and if possible take it for a walk on the gloved hand.

child with owlSome Interesting Facts about Owls

  • There are over two hundred species of Owl throughout the world and only a third of these are nocturnal.
  • Owls cannot move their eyes, they are held very tightly in place by two large bony rings.
  • Owls have very soft thick feathers, the feathers on the edges of their wings are fringed, this helps give the owl a silent flight.
  • Owls do not have waterproof feathers so they do not like to hunt in the wind and the rain.
  • Most Owls rely on their hearing to locate their prey, this is why they need a silent flight.
  • The Barn Owl is the most widespread of all the worlds Owls. It is also known as the Ghost Owl and the Screech Owl in Britain.
  • Owls have twice as many bones in their neck than we do,they have fourteen, we only have seven. This is why Owls can turn their heads so far round, a hundred and eighty degrees to the right and the same to the left.
  • The facial disk on an Owl is like a satellite receiver dish it helps channel the sound of their prey into their ear openings.
  • The Barn Owl has a serrated edge to its second talon, it uses this to comb it's facial disk.


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