Displays & Talks

Our large outdoor display covers an area of ten metres by four metres, this includes five Owls of different species housed in covered weathering's, our shop and our display boards.

Some of the Displays & Talks we offer include: 

Click on the respective Display/Talk to find out more.

The front of the display is fenced off by a wooden fence, this is for the protection of our Owls and of course the public.

The Owls have signs on their weathering's which tell you what species they are, where they come from, their natural habitat etc.

We are always happy to talk to our visitors about our Owls and we do allow handling within reason.

We do not allow any touching of the birds, this is not good for them as they have no protection on their feathers from any oils or grease you may have on your hands. Our Owls always come first, if they are not happy then neither are we.

We are happy to cover any event large or small and we will be happy to fit in with your requirements. Our talks are very popular and keep us busy all the year round. We visit WI's, Conservation Groups, Brownies, Scouts, Wine Clubs and Residential Homes to name just a few... all of our Owls are happy to be with people and look forward to going out.

We are also available for after dinner speaking and Corporate Events.

The talk covers the History and Conservation of the species we bring with us, we always bring two British Owls as we are very committed to the conservation of our native species.

After the talk we are always happy to answer any questions anyone may have and also give people the chance of getting closer to these beautiful creatures.

Our display birds include: 

  • Ben the Ashy-faced Owl
  • Reuben the Indian Eagle Owl
  • Elliott the Ural Owl
  • Acorn the Tawny Owl
  • Foster the Canadian Great Horned Owl