Baby Owls

baby owlEvery year baby owls are bought to us after being found on the ground, these are mainly young Tawny Owls that leave the nest before they can fly and as they jump from branch to branch they fall out of the tree.

If you find a Tawny Owlet on the ground and it is not injured, thin or weak and it is in a safe place, the kindest thing to do is leave it alone. It's parents will be near by and will look after it. Baby Tawny's will very often climb back into the tree by using their beaks and sharp talons to pull themselves back up.

If you find a Barn/Little Owlet on the ground, it must be put back into the nest as it's parents will not feed it otherwise. This must be done by an experienced person. DO NOT attempt this on your own.

If the owlet is bought to us and is not yet able to feed itself and we do not know where to return it we will have to hand rear it, this means that it will become imprinted and will not be able to return to the wild.



If the Owlet is injured then, of course, follow the same procedure as you would for any injured Owl.


For further information on Owl Rescue, or if you are worried about an Owlet you have found and require advice, please feel free to contact us.