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Tawny Owl  
Have just been called out to rescue a Barn Owl found by a lady near Henley on Thames so my plans for today have. Been shelved, the weather is atrocious and she is going on holiday today so cannot meet me anywhere.

Update -  
Just got home, the owl was a Tawny with the worst case of Trich I have ever seen in my years of doing rescue, it was being eaten alive by maggots, so much so that it's feathers were all falling out around its neck an beak, it's mouth was also infested with maggots and it was gaping to breathe. 
I drove from Shiplake straight to my vet at Hook Norton where this poor owl was given peace, it was certainly the only thing to be done. 
Thank God that the lady found it as she is off to Spain on holiday this afternoon and this owl would have suffered even more than it already had. 
Fly high and free precious one.



Tawny Owl  
Just off to look for an injured Tawny Owl in Oxford, the lady is at work so who knows where it will be, she has told me where it was when she left for work, in her garden. 
I told her she should have picked it up and put it in a box but she said she couldn't possibly have done that. 
She rang the RSPCA who as usual didn't want to know.

Update -  
As I suspected the poor Tawny had Trich, very severe in fact when we looked down it's throat there was a massive abscess and the throat was full of maggots, thank god I found her as she was slowly starving to death, nothing to be done but cuddle her while the vet gave her peace. I will be glad when this week is well and truly over.



No news of the Little Owl yet, but have been called out this afternoon to pick up an injured female Kestrel, no breakages but a very bad gash on the wing which my vet has cleaned up, also given antibiotics. 
I'm giving fluids but she is very weak and only weighs 6.5ozs, have her on heat but it doesn't look promising, if she makes the night she needs another injection and when she is stronger some stitches in the wing, living in hope.

Update -  
As I feared the little Kestrel has not made it, not only am I upset I am also very angry, the lady found the Kestrel at 7.30 this morning, she took it home and put it in a cat basket covered with a towel, no problem with that, the correct thing to do. 
The problems start when she rings a falconry centre who with very little interest it would seem tell the lady to take it into the garden and see if it will fly, she has already told them it has an injury and can't fly. 
She is then told to try it again later, eventually she manages to contact me, hours later and much to late as this little bird was cold, weak and dehydrated. What is wrong with people, if they are not interested in helping why can't they be honest and say so, this poor bird didn't have a hope in hell thanks to them. Rant over.



Red Kite  
Been called out this afternoon to a vets in Bicester to collect a beautiful Red Kite, it was feeding on road kill and was hit by a vehicle, which needless to say did not stop, thankfully a young man saw it and took it to the vets. 
No visible injuries so will leave it warm and quite for now.

Update -  
The Red Kite died late yesterday afternoon after have some sort of seizure, I was so heartbroken that I have only just felt like posting the news. 
Obviously it had internal injuries, in some ways it is better if you can see what the injury is, then you know what to do to help but when there are no signs it is very hard. 
She was such a beautiful bird it is a very sad loss, unless you have been close to these magnificent creatures you cannot appreciate their beauty.



Tawny Owl Rescue & Release  
We have released the wild Tawny that was stuck in the chimney tonight, he went off really well, we have one Tawny left to release but will give him a few more days.



Little Owl  
Had a Little Owl bought in tonight which sadly died on the way, it was not injured or thin so I think it had most certainly ingested poison, the gentleman's little boy was very upset so I showed him my owls and promised that I would look after the Little Owl for him.



Sparrow Hawk  
Had a Sparrowhawk bought in tonight from a friend so took that to the vet as well, it has dislocated it's elbow so the vet is taking it back with her tonight and they will put it back in place tomorrow, Tom can then collect it in the evening.

Update -  
Sadly the Sparrowhawk didn't survive, it died while I was away, so sad.



Tawny Owl & Common Buzzard  
The Tawny has had it's medication and I will feed it later, the Buzzard is looking fine but will not feed itself so will cut some up and try again this morning, he is looking very bright though. Had very little sleep last night but the sciatica seems to be easing off this morning, getting ready to leave for Sandringham in the morning so have a lot to do and the Tawny has to go back to the vet tonight.

Update -  
Well I have had flat flies all over me again Ha! Ha!, perks of the job, have treated the Tawny and the Buzzard who showed no signs of having any until this morning, good job my neighbours can't see me running round the house taking my t-shirt off and asking Tom if he can see any on me, that's about the most excitement we have here these days. The Buzzard has fed itself out of a dish but have had to feed the Tawny by hand, off to the vets with him again later.

Update -  
The Tawny is still improving slowly and my friend Ian is coming tomorrow to collect the Buzzard.

Update -  
My friend Ian has taken the Buzzard, it was nice to see him if only for a short visit, he will post some pictures on here I am sure.



Tawny Owl  
Been called just now by someone who found a Tawny Owl on the road side last night, after having it that long they have now called to say it is not looking good, what should they do, I am so cross, they said they looked on the internet and have fed it steak and given it water, have not taken it to a vet just left it in a box. Tom has gone to collect it as I am crippled up with sciatica at the moment and fit for nothing.

Update -  
The Tawny is not good so I am off to the vets now to get it checked over, shame it lost a days treatment and care due to ignorance, if you don't know get it to someone who does for goodness sake.

Update -  
The Tawny Owl has no visible injuries or breakages but we think it may have the start of Trich/Frounce as it's tongue is slightly necrotic, we will treat it and take it back to the vet tomorrow evening if it survives. It looks like this years young and is not thin, no flat flies either which is a bonus.

Update -  
The Tawny has been fed on mice and day old chick and has had his medication, he is very poorly but still alive so fingers crossed for him.

Update -  
Been to the vet and she is quite pleased with the Tawny, the tongue is looking much better, Tom will carry on with the treatment while I am away and we will see how things progress.

Update -  
Well the Tawny Owl suprised us tonight, it had it's medication and some food then was out of the hospital box and flying about so things look more promising for this little chap.

Update -  
The Tawny Owl is eating three chicks a day and sitting on his log as fit as a fiddle, we are looking to release him next week weather permitting, it certainly proves that if you catch it quick enough Trichomonosis can be cured, this owl has gone from being lethargic and so poorly to a fiesty little devil who would kill you if he could lol.



Common Buzzard  
I am now off to collect an injured Buzzard from someone I haven't seen for years, will take it straight to the vet from there.

Update -  
Have just arrived back from the vets, the Buzzard has an old injury that has healed very badly on the wing, he is a magnificent specimen although somewhat thin as I would think he has been living on worms as he cannot fly to well, he cannot be returned to the wild so I am hoping to find him a good, knowledgeable home.

Update -  
My friend Ian has taken the Buzzard, it was nice to see him if only for a short visit, he will post some pictures on here I am sure.



Injured Kestrel  
The injured bird is a beautiful male Kestrel but it's leg is very badly broken and so is it's wing , am taking it to the vet a bit later but I think that it will be another heartbreak as I don't think anything can be done for it, so very, very sad.

Update -  
Came home from the vets with a very heavy heart, as I suspected the Kestrel's leg was smashed and beyond repair, there was also damage to the wing, I held it with love while the vet did the kindest thing for it. RIP little one you will join the many other beautiful creatures that have gone over the Rainbow Bridge to find everlasting peace.



Young Buzzard  
The young Buzzard has now gone outside to weather and spread his wings, he is nearly fully fledged and looks good, will give him a couple of weeks then Colin will put a ring on his leg and he will be off back into the wild as well, four successful rescues and releases, hope we have many more with happy endings.



Red Kite Release  
We released the Red Kite this morning and it was just magical, as we walked into the field the parent birds plus the two youngsters from the same family as ours flew over calling, Colin cast Mr. Kite off and he flew over towards them calling, I could have cried with happiness, we certainly picked the right time to release him. Wishing them all a safe, long and happy life, they are so beautiful and I feel honoured to have shared Mr. Kite's life for a short while.