Nesting Scheme & Nest boxes

Barn OwlApart from running a busy rescue service, we are also helping Owls and Birds of Prey in our local area by providing nest boxes for Barn Owls, Tawny Owls, Little Owls and Kestrels. With the help of local farmers and land owners we have sited boxes in and around our village.

We donate five nest boxes a year to people who have a suitable site and also advise on the correct area for the box and the type of habitat the Owl or Kestrel will need for it's survival. This is a very important part of our work and we are now licensed to monitor Barn Owl Boxes and John is licensed to ring any young Owls we may find when checking the boxes.

We are looking for new sites and are now hoping to site boxes in surrounding villages. We are happy to give advice to anyone with an interest in helping these birds and will visit to see if the site is correct first of all.

Although we are very committed to doing all we can for all of these birds, our main aim is to help The Barn Owl. This beautiful Owl has declined so much over the years, we want to do all we can to provide it with somewhere to nest and educate anyone with a suitable site on what they can do to make sure it has somewhere to hunt and survive. Chrissie has also designed and produced a brochure called Helping Owls in Your Local Area. This is given to anyone putting up a nest box, taken to schools and conservation groups and placed in veterinary surgeries.

The printing of this brochure has been funded by The International Owl Society, with money donated to the Society by the wife of the late John Timbs who was a much respected member of the IOS for many years. It is dedicated to John's memory.


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Barn Owls in particular may have a BTO ring on their leg and we can trace their movements with the ring number.

Nest Boxes

We now supply quality hand made Owl Nesting Boxes.

You can collect them directly from us or we can deliver in Oxfordshire and some neighbouring counties.

Delivery will be charged on mileage. Advice is freely given.

It is always best to get advice before purchasing a nest box, if the habitat is not correct and you do not have an ideal site for the box, it is highly unlikely that an Owl will set up residence in it.

Exterior Barn Owl Box £85.00 Exterior Barn owl Box
Interior Barn Owl Box £85.00  
Tawny Owl Box £80.00 Tawny Owl Box
Little Owl Box £85.00 Little Owl Box
Kestrel Box £80.00 Kestral Box

Most boxes are made to order but we do keep a few in stock.

Please contact us for further information, or if you would like to purchase one of our Nest Boxes.