Owl Evenings & Walks

Owl Evenings

Our Owl Evenings are memorable events run by people with a genuine love for these wonderful creatures.

This is an evening spent learning about Owls and their secret world.

It includes: 

  • Myths and Legends
  • Their History
  • How we train and care for captive Owls
  • Conservation of Owls in the wild
  • Handling and Flying

Please become as involved as you like on this evening, questions are welcomed.

These evenings are held indoors during the colder months or if it is wet so don't be put off by the weather.

A buffet supper is included so booking is essential for this evening.

From 7.30pm until 10.00pm.

Please contact us to arrange your Owl Evening experience.

Owl Walks

If you like walking and also happen to like Owls as well, why not come and take an Owl for a walk?

Spend an hour learning about Owls with the added bonus of being really close to one.

Bring a friend if you want to.

Weekdays only during the summer.

Date and time to be arranged.

Please contact us to arrange your Owl Walk experience.